AMAKS "Novaya Istra" Moscow region
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Rooms of the resort "Novaya Istra"

Park-style zone
The Park-style zone is located in the upper part of the resort and includes 8 cozy houses, organically integrated into the surrounding natural landscape, and a luxurious "Chekhov Villa". In the Park-style zone there are also a water tower, a medical building No. 2, a "Baby raccoon's House", a deer sanctuary, an ornithotherapy zone with hammocks, a rotunda and cardio ladders.
In a quiet park area
Next to the living corner
Detached houses and villa
Next to the medical building No. 2
Next to the water tower
Private barbecue areas
Resort-style zone
The resort-style zone is located in the lower park part of the resort along the Malaya Istra River and includes 3 residential buildings, a central building with a main Reception, a restaurant and a lobby bar, as well as a sports and wellness complex. All buildings are connected by a transitional gallery. In the Resort-style zone there are also a quest park "Hobbit Land", parking, a playground, a rope park, an embankment, a street sports ground, a Chess square, outdoor exercise equipment, a bonfire "Forum", a trampoline town, a bocce and volleyball court, a summer veranda, a pharmacy garden and barefoot therapy.
In the park area
Along the river
Three interconnected residential buildings
Medical Center
Central building with main Reception, restaurant and Lobby bar
Sports and recreation complex
Parking space
Eco-style zone
The Eco-style zone is located in the upper forested part of the resort, it is a small eco-village with 12 cozy Eco-house cottages and its own park "Morning in the pine forest". In the immediate vicinity are the building "White House", Teens-style zone, medical building No. 2, "Baby raccoon House", olenarium, ornithotherapy area with hammocks, rotunda and cardiolestnitsy.
In a quiet wooded area
Detached Eco-house cottages
Own park "Morning in the pine forest"
Next to the White House building
Next to the medical building No. 2
Near the Teens-style zone
Teens-style zone
The Teens-style zone is located in the far part of the upper park and borders on the Eco-style zone. This is a specially equipped part of the resort, designed to accommodate organized children's groups. There is a 3-storey residential building with 85 rooms (300 beds) with its own dining room and a hall for activities.
Detached building in the far part of the upper park area
Near the White House building and Eco-style zone
Universal sports ground
Outdoor exercise equipment complex
Transformer tent for training and sports events
Open-air amphitheater
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