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Recreation programs at the Novaya Istra resort

Themed weekends. July
Welcome to the Panorama of Cultures Festival, a unique event that brings together the stories of peoples from all over the world in one place! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of diversity and richness of cultures, get acquainted with the traditions, music, dance and art of different countries.
Summer. Music. The heat!
We are opening the 2024 summer season on a high note! Great performers of their eras will become guides to the world of music! Throughout June, guests of the Novaya Istra resort will enjoy jazz evenings, open-air dancing accompanied by popular songs, street festivities with folk artists and, of course, rock concerts!
The tenth element
Children's space expedition
Summer holidays 2024
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May evening-and-night!

Oh, and we have prepared a party for you from April 29 to May 9! The holiday at the resort will be thundering every day!

Dear friends, in anticipation of the most beloved holiday of both adults and children, we want to introduce you more closely to the New Year's entertainment of different countries. Every weekend in December, the New Istra resort will be visited by colleagues of our Santa Claus from different countries: Spain, Italy, the USA and Finland. We celebrate the New Year all December!
Retro 90s
The most nostalgic weekend for our guests! In the coming weekend you will have the opportunity to refresh vivid memories, light up to the main hits of the 90s, play your favorite games of childhood and youth, enjoy a bright holiday and test your fortune in the Casino entertainment program.
RELISH is a culinary weekend in the Resort of Novaya Istra. Our guests will be able to cook a barbecue with their own hands, take part in a culinary master class, cocktail party and test their culinary skills. Bon appetit to everyone!
Sports Week-Istra-end
From November 12 to 14, we are waiting for all supporters of a healthy lifestyle, sports competitions and a great mood at the Novaya Istra resort! 
National Unity Day
Dear friends! Are you ready to have fun and on a grand scale to spend the weekend dedicated to the National Unity Day? Then from November 4 to November 7, everyone will go to the resort "Novaya Istra"!
Music connected us
It's time to remember your youth! Who knows the 80s? Turbo gum, lemonades in glass Cream Soda, Dandy prefix, bright leggings and Retro parties?
Good old clean-up day!
Dear friends! We invite you to the "Good Old clean-up day" weekend! The weekend will be filled with the most beloved and warm traditions of spring! The central event will be a big clean-up day, where everyone can become a direct participant! Cheerful music, a barbecue area and, of course, a wonderful mood! Also, guests of the resort will be able to make birdhouses with their own hands, which will forever remain on the territory and will delight our feathered friends! We can't do without fun dancing to the performance of a cover band, bonfire gatherings to the sound of a guitar and much more! We are waiting for everyone at the weekend "Good Old Saturday"!
The earth in the porthole
Who did not dream of becoming a real astronaut in childhood?  Let's go! We invite you to the fantastic world of space At The Novaya Istra Resort! Impressive shows, themed characters, hand-made universes and, of course, cosmically delicious cuisine. Don't miss a weekend of intergalactic proportions!
April 12-14
Toroboan or let's talk about the purple crocodile
Modern life is like a kaleidoscope of events, every day we are enveloped by hundreds of different factors that affect our emotions: work, stress, bad weather, we are constantly in a hurry and are afraid not to have time to do everything, but what if we offer to turn the look at familiar things a little?
May Retreat
From April 26 to April 12, the Novaya Istra Resort is a place of real relaxation! 
Istra Vegas
Dear friends! Welcome from October 22 to 24 to the thematic Week-end"Istra-Vegas"!
Dear friends! From October 15 to 17, a beer festival will be held at the Novaya Istra resort!
V All-Russian Festival of chefs of the AMAKS Hotels&Resorts chain
The main event of this weekend will be the anniversary V All-Russian festival of chefs of the AMAKS Hotels&Resorts chain.
AMAKS's birthday, we are 19 years old!
In honor of the birthday of "AMAKS New Istra", Moscow invites all guests on May 21 to a holiday.
We will be glad to see you, dear guests, and share with you the joy of the holiday and give you a great mood!
May is not a reason to worry
There is just a little bit left to enjoy the holidays after hard working days!
The Code of the Future
Children's holidays in the resort of Novaya Istra
Like clockwork
To celebrate Maslenitsa at the Novaya Istra Resort means to celebrate the holidays like clockwork! Because everyone knows how fun and fervent it will be!
Gentlemen's weekend
Prepare tuxedos and evening dresses! A festive dinner, cocktail tasting, sports competitions, street parties with barbecue, poker tournament, wit contests and, of course, exquisite service are waiting for you!
In February, the Novaya Istra resort invites you to plunge into the magical world of art!
Exciting master classes, interactive performances, thematic contests and quests, vocal and dance evenings, quizzes on the topic of arts.
New Year under the sign of Gorynych
New Year's Festival of Mythical Creatures
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At my grandmother's in the village
We are going to the most cozy corner of our childhood memories - to our grandmother in the village!
Children's holidays "City of Masters"
Dear friends! We invite you to the city of masters! A world of imagination and creativity!
Themed weekends. SEPTEMBER!
Dear friends! We offer to celebrate autumn brightly! We are glad to present the thematic weekends of this September!
Native land polyphony
Russia is a country with a thousand–year history, a vast territory, unique natural and spiritual wealth, a country that has united many peoples and cultures. 
Who hasn't dreamed of becoming a western hero and going to the Wild West?
Indians, cowboys, bandits – what if we offer you to go back to the days when harsh men talked about the cause of honor, and entertainment was not computer games, but incendiary country dancing, archery and showdowns with Indians!
In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes
Confusing times are coming at the Novaya Istra resort! Strange, mystical and beyond logical comprehension events have been noticed. An unknown scientist stole maps of the territory of the kurora "Novaya Istra" for what did he need them? Sherlock Holmes himself is taking over the case!
Walk the soul! Spring has come!
What is a holiday in a big way? This is a vacation at the Novaya Istra resort from February 17 to 26! We have done everything to make the entertainment program "Walk the soul! Spring has come!" has become a real kaleidoscope of events!
Peoples of the world
The resort "Novaya Istra" invites everyone to the main event of autumn: "National Unity Day". In honor of the holiday, we decided to adopt a piece of culture from different peoples of the world so that on November 4 and 5 you could experience this magnificent atmosphere.
Academy of Young Wizards
Wingardium Leviosa! The Academy of Young Wizards announces the recruitment of three groups for magic training! The Grand Masters of magical arts will open the veil of the mysterious world. The path ahead is not easy, but we believe in the ingenuity and resourcefulness of future magicians!
Around the world. NEW SEASON!
Dear travelers! Are you ready to make a bet, like the real Phileas Fogg, that you will have time to visit all 14 countries? Then let's go! Get a traveler's passport, visit countries together with our animation team, do not forget to make a mark at customs, and at the end of the trip you will receive a prize!
Olympic Games
Traditionally, the Olympic Games are held every four years. Too rare for sports fans... The resort "Novaya Istra" offers to correct the situation and give a start to the long-awaited event in February of this year!
We are waiting for all lovers of Anton Pavlovich's creativity at the Novaya Istra resort!
Festival of the Peoples of Russia
The Festival of the Peoples of Russia is a representation of folklore, traditions, music, dance art, folk instruments, folk art products of different national cultures of peoples living on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The Star Factory
The resort "Novaya Istra" announces the beginning of the most creative holidays! Do you want your child to prove himself? Do you want him to get an invaluable experience of preparing and performing on stage? Have you developed acting, dance and vocal skills? Did you take part in quests and competitions? Have you received gifts and bonuses?
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